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Software Users Testimonials

Some MECH-Q Users

ASVIC are committed to develop and offer excellent engineering and drafting software solutions for the CAD Software industry. Mech-Q is now available available for all versions of AutoCAD, AViCAD, Bricscad,  Gstarcad, progeCAD, ZWCAD, CADian and IntelliCAD

Mech-Q is made of of several modules including: Mech-Q piping software, ducting software, structural software , mechanical software, mechanical symbols and material handling software, 

Mech-Q is now used by more than 25 000 engineering and drafting professionals - many of them write to us to let us know how Mech-Q has helped them achieve more productivity from their CAD packages when using Mech-Q


Ludek Cerny
MTH Industries, USA

I have been using Mech-Q, full package for over 7 years, mainly for the structural shapes, fasteners, annotation and architectural/misc. metal details. This has got to be the easiest and most reliable piece of software I have ever used to enhance and improve the AutoCAD productivity, well worth the small investment. Whenever I had a question or looked to update to new version due to AutoCAD changes, ASVIC was there, ready and no issues; just upgrade to AutoCAD 2013, thinking I will not have Mech-Q, and wow, ASVIC had all ready updated and I am up and running within 24 hour. Never got that kind of service from any software company. Keep up the good work, you are awesome.


Alan Mullin
Cheshire, UK
We have proved over time and time again that we are more efficient drawing our 3D pipe systems using Mech-Q than with Autodesk's Inventor.


Rick Barron
Emerald, QLD AU

I have found the mechanical add-on program to be very user-friendly. I have other add-on programs for AutoCAD and was able to purchase those which suited me best. Victor was very quick to respond to my request for a conveyor idler routine. I am happy to recommend the Materials Handling module to those interested in that area.


Ray Gardner
Schuyler Engineering
Lindenhurst, NY USA

An excellent, excellent mechanical program! Mech-Q takes the bulk of the drudgery out of drafting and leaves much more time for designing. It's been a real time-saver for me; easy, intuitive, and downright fun to use. I am impressing myself with the leap in quality of my work, because of the speed at which I can now draw Mech-Q systems. I primarily use the piping program (excellent) and some of the structural utilities (also excellent). I am also finding the fasteners and the LISP utilities quite useful. I love using this program and I love the support that I have received from Victor Abela in resolving problems.


William Smedley
National Oilwell
McAlester, Oklahoma

I am a veteran Autocad User and use Mech-Q every day here at National Oilwell, I started with the 2D Piping Module for all piping, and the Beam Design program to do stress and deflection calculations on all of our steel skid work. When Mech-Q came out with the 3D add-on, we purchased the entire package. I now create our 3D manifolds and fluid ends with Mech-Q, we then take the 3D solid model into Cosmos's Finite Element Analysis program, whereby we do a structural analysis on the solid model. It now takes me one day to create 3d parts that before took at least a week with Micro station. Victor Abela has been more than helpful in answering any question I have had, and went the extra mile in customizing this program to suite our needs. In case you could not tell, I love this program. If your involved in Piping or Steel structures this package is a must.


Marc Wachter
Wachter & Associates
Mullica Hill, NJ

We purchased Mech-Q a little while ago and love it!!! More importantly, our CLIENTS love it!!! We are now receiving projects based upon our ability to show what other firms don't.


John Beavis
New Zealand

I am a self employed Project Engineer working mainly in the food and dairy industrial involved with process and service pipe work. Where I spent half my time on site supervising the installation and commission of projects, the rest of the time I am in the office, designing and drafting piping systems for these projects. As I am only working "part time" on AutoCAD my productivity is not as fast as the full time operators. But since I started to use Mech-Q Piping software there has been a big increase in my output. I had found Mech-Q Piping is very easy to use and is a great product.


Glicerio S. Saclag Jr.
Senior CAD Draughtsman
Sinclair Knight Merz Ltd
Manila (Email)

When I started working at Sinclair Knight Merz Ltd - Manila as Senior Draftsman/Designer. I am just using the standard drafting, When I found out information regarding Mech-Q product like Piping and Structural, I am very much aggressive to get a demo product. When I try using this I found out that this is very much helpful in generating piping and structural drawings. Not only this it has also a package for generating all types of drawings. The quickest I experience using the Mech-Q Piping is when I draw a Flanges it gave me the exact dimension of the Flanges base from what I selected, but when I'm doing this using standard drafting I spend more time than using Mech-Q. Every time we had a new project since we start using Mech-Q we always finished drawings ahead of deadline. Only I can say now, Mech-Q is the best and quickest product in generating all types of engineering drawings.


Guy Zitting
Sothern Trades
Humansville, MO, USA

use plain old Autocad with Mech-Q. Mech-Q cost about 400 dollars and is worth every penny of it. With the new acad2000, I'm able to draw really fast. I don't see myself buying anything else. I'm happy with what I got.


Wiley Knight
C-F-H Telescope
Hawaii, USA

I am very pleased with the MSPR1 (Springs Module) program which I've begun using immediately. I am particularly impressed with its ability to insert an exact drawing of the designed spring into my drawing.....The Mech-Q spring program has already paid for itself in time saved!


Gary Hull
Hants. UK

...I am using Mech-Q for ducting and pipework all day and every day now. I find them to be most useful, and really speed up the work...


Absorption Technology Ltd.
Gloucestershire, UK

...If you need a short phrase to sum up the Mech-Q tool it would be something like " a package of utilities you are sure that you would like to get around to doing someday if only you could find the time". You'll never get the time - spend it on your clients - Mech-Q has done the work for you....


Mark Crosby
Gaumer Co. Inc
Houston, TX, USA

...Mech-Q works great. I cannot tell how much I appreciate the support you have given on this product. It has been well worth them money I spent on it.


Andrew Hunt
I have used Mech-Q... I love it. I use it mainly for pipe fittings and for 3-D gear drawings. It is fantastic. I really appreciate the option to load the toolbars into my AutoCAD 2000 workspace..


Waldman Roland
Grasso International, BE

I have just started to use Mech-Q and am very, very happy with it. I have been writing lisp and making my own menus since Acad 10 was released and I can really appreciate the amount of work you have invested in Mech-Q and what impresses me even more - I couldn't find any faults or bugs.


Alan Gillies
ASVIC's software support is the best I've experienced - anywhere


Geoff Harrod
MultiCAD Magazine
Review 1997, 2002

Mech-Q is a very comprehensive package for drawing all manner of mechanical and structural drawings, with particular focus on industrial plant designs. It includes several design assistance features, as well as automation of common drawing detailing tasks. It works well and is highly adaptable.


Richard Ricketts
Tech Services & Contractors,

Absolutely love the program....


John Rucker
Oneira Corporation
Ontario, CANADA

...Mech-Q is not only a great program but also well supported.


James F. Goodridge II
North American Green
Poseyville, ID, USA

Mech-Q is a fine product - In fact, for all the power of Mechanical, I think Autodesk would benefit from trying to model their dialogs resemble Mech-Q - Mech-Q functions are often as powerful as the Mechanical counterparts, and a whole lot more logical and easier to use, especially for repeated drawing functions! I think I have really impressed my Autodesk representative with what success I have had with this package as a much needed addition to Mechanical!


Ian Pike
Defined Lines
QLD, Australia

.... thank you for saving me so much time by using Mech-Q. My work is usually in the mining and heavy industrial/structural drafting... with the materials handling module, drawing of idlers and trajectories at the push of a couple of buttons - that alone has taken days off my work on jobs and the clients are happier to get their job sooner.


John N. Lovin
Ingenium Consulting, Inc
Augusta, GA, USA

We are very pleased with the outstanding performance of Mech-Q. I have used AutoCAD for 15 Years and this is the most functional toolbox for all engineering disciplines I have ever been privilege in using. Thank you for your wonderful product!


Gerald Ong
Alcoa Hatch Alliance
San Ciprian, Spain

Thank you (ASVIC) for the excellent service. I wish all our local (Spanish) vendors are as good.


Phil Page
Westinghouse Electric
Columbia SC USA

...ASVIC are a pleasure to work with. Mech-Q is a wonderful piece of software, a very valuable time saving tool.


Bill Schabot
Bennington Paperboard
North Hoosick NY USA

In my opinion, Mech-Q makes the AutoCAD LT series worth keeping....
Thanks for providing a great product.


Greg Dow
Kentrol, Inc., Maine USA

We use your software on a regular basis for designing pump skids.
I don't know how we ever did it previously without the Mech-Q package!


Steven Alford
Colorado Springs, USA

Thanks so much for suppling the detail industry with the best thing (Mech-Q) I have seen since AutoCAD itself, and at a very reasonable price.


John Rucker
Comstock Canada

At last count we had prepared about 900 piping iso's using Mech-Q. It has worked out really nicely. .... Keep up the good work!


Greg Fry
Pacific Process Systems
Bakersfield, CA USA

I enjoy using Mech-Q very much. It has helped me with the design and fabrication of piping systems. I can't believed I work for so many years with out software like this!


Gary Powers, P.E.
United Engineering, Inc.
Sharewood IL USA

We have down loaded and bought many programs. I even paid a couple people to write auto-lisp programs we do not use. They all end up being more time consuming to use than raw Auto-Cad. But Mech-Q is the best and most practical duct program I have seen or used. As we get more familiar with it the more we like it. The tool buttons really set it apart and reduce drawing time. I am recommending Mech-Q to my colleagues.


Kevin Ballard
Controlled Energy Services

I would like to say that Mech-Q HVAC Ducting makes hvac drafting so much easier for me.


Harry Kubarek

Mech-Q is a great software package for use with AutoCad. Big time saver.


John Grooms

I have been using Mech-Q for about 7 years and when I had a problem (which has been very few times) ASVIC Support solved my problem immediately. Thanks for supporting your product. This is the best program that I have used and ASVIC keeps improving it.


Gerry Lynn
Setch Design Pty Ltd, Australia

We are using your Mech-Q software and are extremely impressed with the improvement to productivity and its' ease of use.


ASVIC are committed to develop and offer excellent engineering and drafting software. We support the following main products: Mech-Q CAD Solutions (Piping Software, Ducting Software, Structural Software and Mechanical Software) for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT & IntelliCAD


Mech-Q is now celebrating 28 years

Mech-Q - Celebrating 25 years