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Shortcut-CAD Lessons in CAD


Shortcut CAD

An online course for those struggling to learn CAD and are ready to start designing technical drawings, no matter what industry you may be in.

If you are just starting CAD, or struggling with your productivity this course teaches you various shortcuts and methods from the ground up.

The course contains 14 modules broken up into 10 min lessons.
60 lessons total. Includes extra 2 bonus modules (a $60 value).

You’ll also be able to post questions to a private community
while you take the course.

Course also includes worksheets, over 20 predefined styles and title block template for either standard or metric scales.

Price: $249 (Lifetime Access)

Our guarantee: If within the first 2 weeks you're not entirely satisfied with the content and direction of the course, and you have completed less than three modules, just contact me for a full refund. No questions asked.

This course teaches you how to input a project using various shortcuts and techniques. Many dialogs, pulldown and ribbons will be avoided in order to optimize your input and teach you vital CAD core concepts in plain English.


What’s required?

You’ll need a 2D AutoCAD-Like application. If you don’t have one I can provide a 2D/3D CAD for 30 days while you get started on the course.


Additional cost after this period is $49/mo. and you can cancel anytime. Note: The 3D bonus module will require 2D and 3D CAD functionality.



This presale opportunity will also allow you to give feedback and share your struggles. It will also allow me to cover topics you may be stumbling on with greater detail.

We'll start working the first week on a wall detail. Then we’ll progress to inputting a pump house. But this is only an example and is used to show you how to use CAD and its shortcuts to work towards your advantage.



Is this just for beginners?

It's designed for those just starting CAD, but also for those who may have some background who are struggling with their productivity.


What will I receive after payment?
Upon signup you’ll have module 0 through 7 available right away. That’s over 4 hours of learning available to start. Then every 7-10 days you’ll be notified when a new module is available.




What users say …



I have been working with these guys since years now! With lots of hard work and timely communication they made sure they delivered the best to me. Highly recommended!

John Furgurson BN Branding



Many thanks again. Your support is the best I’ve received. I hope your other customers feel the same as I do.
Philip VentonVenton &


I have to say your tutorials and guidance are very professional and proficient. They are very easy to understand without long and tedious explanations. Simple and straightforward.
Lewis CooperC & C Construction and Consulting



Your support is the best. It gives me confidence to use my CAD! In all the years and thousands of dollars, I’ve never had this kind of response from AutoCAD. Dan McNeill
McNeill Associates



I cannot tell how much I appreciate the support you have given me. It has been well worth the money I spent on it.

Mark CrosbyGaumer Co. Inc.



Never got that kind of service from any software company. Keep up the good work, you are awesome.

Ludek Cerny,CompaMTH Industries



I have sold, trained and used CAD for over 50 years. Started with Intergraph who sold MicroStation then Autocad, Dassault etc. I am quite impressed.

John MurrayJW Murray Corp.



It does not matter what industry you are in as the examples and methods you will learn can be applied to any type of project.

What we’ll be covering in each module:


0. Welcome / Set Up


Here you’ll see the roadmap of what we’ll be covering and what software you’ll need to get started.  


We’ll also have a look at the wall detail and pump house project which we will be drawing throughout this class and the road map to getting this all completed.


I’ll also provide you with PDF files you can download and refer to throughout the

class. The pump project, the CAD workspace, shortcuts and more. Each module is about 30 minutes long and divided into simple 5-10 min work sessions.


1. Creating a simple CAD workspace


I’ll show you how you can easily declutter your workspace plus how to auto hide toolbars and ribbons so that they can be activated only when you need them.


We’ll also go over how to best navigate around in a drawing, discuss dynamic input and do a small drawing.


2. Basic input of a drawing


We’ll discuss the X and Y coordinate system and direct distance input. We’ll also cover the importance of using Ortho and Polar modes. Then we’ll begin to draw our wall detail and practice some basic input using a series of shortcuts. We are starting to move ahead at a constant, yet easy pace.


 3. The importance of object snapping


As we continue to draw our wall detail, you’ll learn how to set up your object snaps, use grips and start exploring layers. We’ll also practice apparent intersections, referencing and other shortcuts and tips.


4. Understanding CAD templates


In the template module you’ll learn the importance of using templates in order to save time. I’ll provide an example template you can use, complete with title block info and various settings you can use.


5. Using blocks to your advantage


In this module we will discuss the importance of blocks and how to create and edit them. We’ll also create a few small blocks that we can use on our upcoming project.



6. Pump house floor plan


We’ll be working on a floor plan input for our pump house. I’ll show you how to use dynamic input along with explaining the importance of polylines. We’ll also discuss linetypes and use various shortcuts along the way to get our drawing completed.


7. Piping and tanks input


I’ll show you how to add piping, valves, pumps and tanks to our project. The exercise here is really how to use blocks. Or if you are using Mech-Q it's how to understand direct distance input and DIMSCALE.


In this module you’ll have the choice to do either or even both:


1) Quick method: Use an add-on to input  (Mech-Q download provided)

2) Manual method: Assemble the drawing with blocks only (small library provided)


8. Using Layers


In this module we will dive deep into how to use layers in order to better organize our project. I’ll show you a series of shortcuts on how to activate, move, isolate and modify them. We’ll also a couple of layer states so you can see their importance



9. Annotations and dimensions


In this module we’ll jump right into understanding annotations and dimensions - more specifically, how to create styles for each of these. I’ll also provide a download so you can copy and paste the styles covered in this lesson. Additionally I’ll show you how you can use annotative scaling which can save you some headaches in the long run when it comes to dimensions, text sizes and multileaders.


10. Dimensions, Leaders and Notes


Now that our pump house is inputed, I’ll show you how to use the styles we set up in the last module. I’ll show you how to dimension and add notes to our drawing. We will also revisit your DIMSCALE setting and how this factors in with our final plot scale.


11. Paperspace and Viewports


Today we are getting ready to print our project. I’ll show you how to use Paperspace and create Viewports. We’ll also recap on the difference between standard and annotative scaling.


12. Plotting (printing):


In our last module we have some last minute revisions to make and then we are ready to preview our project. Lastly we’ll add a few notations directly in Paperspace and then finally print/plot our pump house.



Bonus modules:


13. Recovery and backup (bonus module)


I’ll show you how to check your recovery settings and what to do after a program crash using your backups and autosaves.  Plus I’ll show you how to backup or even share a file in the cloud, all within CAD.


14. Intro to 3D (bonus module)


We'll be converting our 2D pump house into 3D as we explore basic 3D concepts. We'll also discuss the UCS and how to manipulate it. I'll also show you how to create, edit and rotate 3D objects.


Price: $249 (Lifetime Access)

If you’re not happy within the first 2 weeks and you have completed less than 3 modules we’ll refund your money back no questions asked.



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Shortcut-CAD Lessons in CAD

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