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CADSTA Tools is designed to be a productivity enhancement for AutoCAD software. It is compatible to AutoCAD Full version and LT version. CADSTA Tools fully supports XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac on Parallels.

CADSTA is fully compatible with both 32bit and 64bit operating systems

CADSTA Tools provides the ability to support LISP programs. It loads and runs both simple and complex LISP programs, including runtime loading of LISP files.

In addition, CADSTA Tools contains a wide range of enhancement features to improve productivity. These impressive features include: Appload, Startup Suite, System Variable Manager, XREF Manager, Image Manager, Shade Mode, quick viewport routines settings, easy layer control dialog box, customization keys for fast access, Attribute Edit, 3d Orbit, 3d Mesh, Pface and many more.

For example, Appload command allows users to load LISP application. The Startup Suite command provides an easy way for users to load their LISP applications automatically during startup.

System Variable Manager groups all system variables together and displays them in a dialog box. It provides an easy and simple method for the user to quickly look up detailed information about any selected variable.

The interoperability of CADSTA Tools makes it the ideal product for users working in the CAD environment of using both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT.

CADSTA Tools is fully backward compatible with Toolkit. It is the perfect alternative solution.

CADSTA Tools currently supports AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT 2004 to LT 2017



CADSTA® Max is a productivity enhancement software designed to maximize the benefits of AutoCAD® and AutoCAD LT®. It is developed by professionals for professionals. In addition to have included all the features in CADSTA® Tools. CADSTA® Max has the ability to load and run applications created with AutoLISP, FAS, VLX, ObjectARX (ARX), or ObjectDBX (DBX). The LISP engine in CADSTA® Max provides a very rich set of VLA and VLR (Reactor) functions. It supports a wide range of LISP and ARX applications such as AutoTURN and AccuRender.

The productivity enhancement features in CADSTA® Max have been designed to help CAD professionals to accomplish their tasks more efficiently. The Appload command allows CAD users to load their LISP and ARX applications, while the Startup Suite provides an easy way to load LISP and ARX applications automatically during startup. The state of the art user interface provides an easy access to customization and to manage drawings. Along with a package of impressive productivity enhancement features, CADSTA® Max maximizes the power of AutoCAD® Suite in a practical and affordable way. It has become a very popular software used by CAD professionals across the globe.


Key Features Include:

✓ Support standard LISP (LSP)
✓ Support FAS, VLX, VLA, VLR
✓ Support ObjectARX
✓ Support ObjectDBX
✓ Startup Suite
✓ Appload
✓ System Variable Manager
✓ XREF Manager
✓ Image Manager
✓ Layer Manager
✓ Quick Viewport Routines
✓ Short Cut Configuration
✓ Attribute Edit
✓ Shade Mode
✓ Customization Keys
✓ 3d Tools
✓ and many more
✓ CADSTA® Tools Included



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