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How to Install & Use Mech-Q

We strongly recommend that you print these instructions and follow them carefully.

Installing Mech-Q

  1. EXIT AutoCAD (or IntelliCAD)
  2. Use Windows Explorer - locate the downloaded file then double click on it to start the program Setup
  3. If you can't find the file, click the Windows Start menu and select Search (or "Find") then search for the file name: "MQ*.exe"
  4. When the Mech-Q Setup file is located, double click on it to begin the installation process
  5. Follow the instructions in the splash screens.

Using Mech-Q

To use Mech-Q successfully you need to follow a few simple steps. These steps vary according to the version of Mech-Q you are using.  Please follow the instructions below - corresponding the AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, IntelliCAD or CAD version that you have.


MECH-Q for  AutoCAD 2000-2019

Start AutoCAD in the normal fashion. If the Mech-Q was installed correctly, you will note that the Mech-Q menu (Pop-up and Toolbars) is now added to your existing menu. Use the Mech-Q menu (toolbars or drop-down menu) to access the Mech-Q functions

Special NOTE   AutoCAD 2009- 2019 versions

If you do not have the AutoCAD "Tools" on the menu bar, type the following command at the AutoCAD command prompt:
MENUBAR   and set the variable to 1 ( = ON)

If the Mech-Q menu does not load automatically of other exist, use the following command at the AutoCAD command prompt:



Using MECH-Q for BricsCAD, GstarCAD and IntelliCAD


Important Note:
(does not apply for Bricscad versions)
The install folder for Mech-Q  must be the same as the IntelliCAD (or other CAD version) main install folder (for example, the same location as ICAD.EXE)

After you have installed Mech-Q on your hard drive:

Start IntelliCAD (or CAD version) in the normal fashion. If the Mech-Q was installed correctly, you will note that the Mech-Q menu (Pop-up,  Toolbars & Ribbon menu) is now added to your existing CAD menu. Use the Mech-Q menu to access the Mech-Q functions

Manually Loading Mech-Q

If Mech-Q does not load automatically when you start your CAD program - please follow these steps to manually load the Mech-q menu:

Start AutoCAD

A) Adding Mech-Q to the AutoCAD search Path

Check that the installer has added Mech-Q to the AutoCAD search path:
1. From the >> "Tools" menu select "Options"
2. Select the "Files" tab
3. Select "Support Files Search Path" 

Check to see that the Mech-Q install location is found in the AutoCAD search path.
If NOT...

3A) Use the "Add" button to add Mech-Q install location to the AutoCAD search path 

default location
AutoCAD: C:\Program Files\Mech-Q\ACAD
IntelliCAD:  [Intellicad install location]\Mech-Q
                 (for example: C:\Program Files\CADian 2017\Mech-Q)

4. Use the "Apply" button & then "Close"

B) Load the MECH-Q menu
1. At the AutoCAD command type:  MENULOAD
2. Locate the Mech-Q customized user interface file: Mech-Q.CUIX (or Mech-Q.CUI or Mech-Q.MNU) 

Default menu file install location: 
   AutoCAD 20??:             C:\Users\Public\Documents\Mech-Q\Menu\ACAD

   IntelliCAD:                     C:\Users\Public\Documents\Mech-Q\Menu\

3. Use the LOAD button to load the Mech-Q menu.

This should load the Mech-Q menu.

Authorizing Mech-Q

(Not applicable to Network/Site licenses)

When you first run Mech-Q, the software will generate an Application Serial Number. The Serial Number must then be sent to ASVIC Engineering & Software - ASVIC will then process and forward to you the Authorization Key.

You can get the Application Serial Number by using either:

  • Mech-Q Start-up dialogue or
  • About Mech-Q from the Mech-Q menu or
  • Authorize Mech-Q  from the Mech-Q "Maintenance" menu

To apply for an Authorization Key please click here:

Using the Authorization Key Code:

  1. From the MECH-Q pull down menu - Select MECH-Q Register
  2. Enter the Authorization Key code EXACTLY as received (Case sensitive).
  3. Select the OK tab.

If the Code entered is correct - MECH-Q registration will be accepted.

Mech-Q - Network Version

The Mech-Q demo version is NOT suitable for network installations = A special build of Mech-Q is required for using in a  network environment - Please contact ASVIC is you require more information.

Contact ASVIC for Mech-Q Network Version install instructions