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Introducing the most easiest and most affordable way to purchase our products: Subscription

In a few minutes you'll be on your way.

  • No credit forms to fill out. It's that easy.
  • Just $49 per month (or $399 for 12 months - save 33%)

Reasons to choose Subscriptions:

  • Free technical support anytime
  • Free upgrades whenever you need it as long as your subscription is active.
  • You also have the option to redeem (up to 6) payments if you decide to purchase a Lifetime licence.
  • Easy setup and cancel anytime
  • Low monthly or yearly payments and pay only until you need the software

After you subscribe, the Authorization Code (for Mech-Q) or the  Serial Number (for AviCAD) will be sent to you.

There's no setup fee - signup in 60 seconds for immediate software delivery.

Get started for free

Just click on the button below to activate your subscription using a credit or debit card. Paypal is also accepted. If you have questions call the store at +61 1300 654 616 (8am - 5pm AEST Monday to Friday) , or you can use our 24/7 helpdesk

AviCAD EasyPAyAViCAD Subscriptions - EasyPay
AVICAD is our complete 2D/3D CAD w/ Mech-Q. It is also loaded with other utilities not found in other competing softwares
.$49/month or $399/year



Mech-Q Subscriptions - EasyPay
Mech-Q is our engineering add-on for CAD. A perfect solution for those with AutoCAD or Bricscad.
$49/month  or  $399/year

Mech-Q - Celebrating 28 years

Mech-Q - Celebrating 25 years